Bookcase Buying Guide

Aug. 27, 2021

Every house needs at least one bookcase to display everything from books to framed photos. If you're looking for the first bookcase in your home - or just need to add a new bookcase to your current collection - you should study this guide. After all, there are so many choices on the market that it may be difficult for you to choose the best option for your house. Here's what you need to know before you start browsing bookcases.


How big of a bookcase do you need?

One of the most basic considerations is the bookcase size you want to be. This will depend on several factors. First, how much space do you plan to put it in the room? If there is enough open space, you can choose a wide bookcase that is several feet wide.


However, if there is not much space, it will need to go up rather than out, which means a taller bookcase if you want to store a lot of stuff on it. If you don't have much to put in at first, one or more small bookcases may be just right. So, make sure you measure the room before you shop.

Wooden Bookcase

 Wooden Bookcase

If you have children at home, consider the purpose of the bookcase: Do you want your child to be able to reach the things on the shelves of the bookcase? If so, a shorter option may be best. If not, a taller bookshelf may be just right so you can keep special or fragile items out of reach of little hands.


What type of bookcase do you want?

There are many bookcases on the market, so think about what kind of look you like and what kind of furniture you'll need to fit in them.

If you only want a basic bookshelf to store books or display knick-knacks, then a standard bookcase should work for you. This can be tall or wide, and can be open or closed.


Another option is a cubby bookcase. While standard bookcases tend to have long shelves, cube storage options have square shelves in which you can place books, decorative baskets or boxes. This gives you the option to easily hide certain things in plain sight.


In addition, some bookcases are almost as decorative as they are functional. For example, etagere bookcases are basically designed to look beautiful while showing off your best decor. You will notice that these bookcases are not very durable because they usually have thin frames, open shelves and some decorative elements such as unique patterns or shelves made in interesting shapes.


 Tree Design Bookshelves

Why Choose Tree Design Bookshelf?

Tree design bookshelves are multifunctional bookshelves;


1. Multi-layer storage, small footprint and large capacity. Each storage board presents a 90°, direct connection, ;

2. The connection is tightly combined; the bamboo pattern of the board is delicate and smooth, and the bamboo pattern veneer is beautiful and easy to clean;

3. Thickened outside Frame design, strong and stable, not easy to corrode,precise hole position, and stable load-bearing.


This product is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can choose combinations according to actual needs. The shape of the tree branches is distributed on the left and right, and the space is well-arranged to make full use of the space. In addition, this product occupies a small space and is easy to move, suitable for placing sundries and books at home. This product is suitable for multiple scenes and home styles, reading a quiet time anytime, anywhere.

Let us help you find the best bookcases for you. When you contact us, please provide your detailed requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.

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